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- complete dinners
- optional appetizers & desserts
- homemade casseroles a la carte
casual dinners
- enjoy a fine steakhouse dinner in the comfort of your home (for a lot less!)
- complete dinners
- optional appetizers & desserts
- customizable menus
elegant dinners
Quick & Easy!
No grocery shopping, no cooking, no kitchen clean-up... just heat & serve and enjoy a great dinner!
most dinners for two are just $14-$16 per person, and dinners for four start at just $10 per person
Something for Everyone!
four menus to choose from:
* Surf City Fit
* Family Favorites
* Surf City Gourmet
* Freezable Favorites
Dinners Delivered
by Surf City Gourmet
fresh, healthy dinners delivered to your door ~ serving Huntington Harbour, California
From casual dinners to elegant affairs,
Surf City Gourmet makes entertaining at home easy, affordable, and fun!