1.  Your Location - one of the following is true:
        a.  I live or work within the regular delivery area, and delivery between 4 and 5:30 pm is fine (or you've already
             emailed Surf City Gourmet & set up another time).
        b.  I live in the extended delivery area and I am only going to order freezable favorites dinners for delivery next
              Thursday or Friday between 1 and 4pm 
        c.  I live in the extended delivery area and wish to order fit or gourmet dinners and I've already emailed Cole
             to verify availability for next week

2.  Order minimums: The minimum amount for any delivery is $20 in the regular delivery area and $40 in the
     extended delivery area.  If you live in the regular delivery area and are ordering $16 worth of food on Monday and
     $10 on Tuesday, the whole order will be delivered at one time, most likely on Tuesday (just depends how busy the
     week is).  If you order a Freezable Favorite and do not meet the minimum for delivery, I'll keep it for you in the
     freezer until your next order and deliver both at one time (assuming you've then met the minimum).

3.  Appetizers, lunches, deserts, and a la carte dishes may only be ordered if you've also ordered the dinner that's
     offered with them.

4.  Cancellation:
     By you: For a full credit/refund, orders must be canceled 24 hours before the delivery time.  If it's too late to (or you
             don't want to) cancel, delivery can probably be postponed to the following day.
     By me:  Surf City Gourmet, party of 1...  I (Cole Pinkham) am the cook, the grocery shopper, the dishwasher, and
                 the delivery person.  In case of sickness or emergency, I may have to cancel or postpone your dinner
                 delivery.  I will make every attempt to contact you (email & phone) by noon the day of delivery to let you
                 know.  You'll get a refund or credit, & a savings on your next order to make up for the inconvenience.

5.  Ingredients are subject to change without notice:  On rare occasions, a particular ingredient is not available or is not
     at it's freshest.  In this case, a comprable ingredient will be substituted.

6.  Credit Card / PayPal Payment: To use the order form, you'll need a PayPal account, which will allow you to use a  
     credit card or that account to make your payment.  If you haven't used PayPal, you might want to give it a try.  It's
     secure & easy - just sign in and click to pay - then PayPal sends me your info so I know where to deliver your

7.  Cash / Check Payment:  If you'd like to pay by cash or check, please proceed to the order form to decide what
     you'd like to order.  Add the items to your shopping cart, view & print the cart, then email me with your order.  You
     can pay by cash (exact change - just because I don't always carry the correct change) or check (which can be left
     under the mat if you won't be home).

8.  Order Deadline: midnight on Thursday of the week before (unless otherwise stated)

9.  Food Allergies: If you (or anyone who might be eating with you) have any food allergies, please email me before
     ordering to be sure that those ingredients are avoided.
Quick & Easy!
No grocery shopping, no cooking, no kitchen clean-up... just heat & serve and enjoy a great dinner!
most dinners for two are just $14-$16 per person, and dinners for four start at just $10 per person
Something for Everyone!
four menus to choose from:
* Surf City Fit
* Family Favorites
* Surf City Gourmet
* Freezable Favorites
Dinners Delivered
by Surf City Gourmet
fresh, healthy dinners delivered to your door ~ serving Huntington Harbour, California
From casual dinners to elegant affairs,
Surf City Gourmet makes entertaining at home easy, affordable, and fun!

Please read the agreement below before placing an order.
Click on "delivery info" above for applicable fees.  Delivery is free in the "regular delivery area" with minimum $20 order.
If you agree to the user agreement below, please
 check out the menu!

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