I grew up in Pasadena with a mom who was (and still is!) a fantastic home cook.  She made complete, (usually) healthy dinners every night, and the family (mom, dad, brother Charlie, and me) sat down for dinner every night.  Even as a child I enjoyed and appreciated this time, and I new how importatn it was to catch up with one another.  And my mom's dinners were amazing.  Some were classic dishes she learned from Julia, some were her mother's recipes, and others were delicious new ones she created. 

At some point during my senior year of high school, I realized I'd better learn how to make my mom's best dinners.  Each night I'd help her make dinner, and by the time I left home I was a pretty good cook myself.

I taught elementary school for seven years, but the thing I liked to do most was always to make dinner.  When I got married and moved to Huntington Beach, the commute to my old school in Manhattan Beach was pretty bad.  So I finished out the school year while laying the groundwork for Surf City Gourmet.  A year later, I'm still fine-tuning the business plan, website, and order forms, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. 

Cole Pinkham,

The Dinner Fairy
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